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We use our app to create positive social and economic change in the region. Donate today, and help us reach even more people. 100% of our donations go to those in need.

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Use our donations section on the app to give any amount you can. You can also donate in someone else’s name, and encourage them to do the same.

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We do the verifications, so you don't have to.

Our campaigns are all approved by local regulators, and we use global-standard compliance procedures to make sure your donation reaches the right people.

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Top Questions

  • How does Careem remain compliant with local regulations on charity fundraising?

    We have a rigorous set of compliance checks internally, for any partner we onboard - commercial or non-commercial. Our partners are all locally registered non-profit entities, which have been vetted by the relevant government departments. Careem acts as a fundraising vehicle for the organisations that are contributing daily to changing people’s lives.

  • Does Careem charge for donation transactions?

    Careem does not charge for donation transactions on the app. This means the charity partners will receive 100% of your donation via the Careem app.