Driving with Careem

Drive with Careem and earn with every ride. Choose your own hours, enjoy amazing Captain rewards and get professional training.

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Delivering with Careem

Deliver food, groceries and more to our amazing customers across the region. Earn with every order, and benefit from real time Captain support.

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Meet the Captains


Abdul Wahed

“Careem has a support center and a 24/7 help line for all its Captains.”


Yossif Bazimiridde

“With Careem, I can work at any time and be my own boss.”


Davinder Singh

“Careem enables me to maximize my earnings and improve my lifestyle.”

Top Questions

  • How do I become a Careem Captain?

    Go to drive.careem.com to start the registration process to become a Careem Captain.

  • Which documents are required to become a Careem Captain?

    These are the 4 documents that are required: profile picture, id card, driving license, and car registration document.

  • Do I need a car to start driving with Careem?

    Yes, you will need a car to drive with Careem.

  • How can I maximise my earnings?

    You can become a full time Captain through which you can get 100% of your earnings from this platform. You can also take advantage of peak demand hours to increase your earnings.

  • How does Careem pay me?

    Careem pays on a daily and weekly basis.