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Our Social Impact

At the heart of Careem’s purpose sits a deep desire to uplift the lives of people in our region. For over  a decade, Careem has lived out its purpose to simplify and improve the lives of people in the region, and to build an awesome organisation that inspires. Today, operating across 10 countries from Morocco to Pakistan, we not only serve 50 million registered  customers, but we aim to address  some of the most pressing developmental challenges facing our communities.

In the last five years (2018-2023), we’ve allocated over $4.8 million in humanitarian and development aid, collaborating with over 35 non-profit and private sector partners, bolstered by the generosity of tens of thousands of customers, partners and colleagues.

What is “Right click”?

In the true spirit of giving and doing the right thing, we launched the “Right Click” product in 2024 as a cornerstone of our commitment to creating lasting change for people that need it most in our region.

The term “Right click” is deeply rooted in the tech world. Right-click is used and understood by everyone. Literally, it refers to a single specific action that opens up an entire context menu. Metaphorically, it signifies the right action we, and our customers, set out to make. A single action that has the power to unlock a world of possibilities.


Our revamped Donations product brings customers closer to the causes they hold dear. It includes compelling stories about the people who have benefitted the most from customers’ donations. Customers  will also be able to  track the impact of their donations over time, witnessing firsthand the lasting difference they can make, even in small ways,  in someone’s life.

Our brand ethos extends beyond merely doing the right thing; it encompasses doing so in the right manner and alongside the right partners — ethical, reputable, and deeply committed to making a meaningful impact.


$4.8 M

Lives impacted

+150 K

NGO partners


The Doing Good Team


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Customer giving for the cause

Join us in making a difference

We encourage our customers to give to the causes they care about. They can donate via our donations tile on the app, take a dedicated car type where a portion of the proceeds from each ride go to charity and more.

Careem employees

We are responsible for our communities

Our colleagues are constantly looking for ways to contribute to developing the region. Joining Careem means you will have the chance to volunteer your time and skills to communities in need.

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