We keep your data safe.


Careem is committed to protecting you against the growing threats of internet scams, identity theft, and malicious fraud. Our priority is to keep your personal information private, safe and secure.

A better way to pay securely

We know how important your personal information is to you, and we’ve taken several steps to keep your Careem account information private and secure. Careem adopts leading industry standards, processes and platforms, including encryption, authentication, authorization and card data security standards to keep your personal and payment information safe.

  • Fraud Detection

    With new technologies financial crime has become more sophisticated and complex than ever before. By integrating intelligence from all our sources, our dedicated fraud management team monitors transactions 24/7 to reduce potential fraud risk.

  • Account Verification Processes

    Your Careem Pay account goes through several verification procedures to maintain the highest levels of security, trust and protection. When you create a new account using the Careem app, you will be required to complete comprehensive sets of security procedures as part of customer identification & verification process.

  • Password Security

    • Do not use easy-to-guess passwords, for example: your name, date of birth, contact number, etc.
    • Use a passphrase instead of passwords, with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
    • Do not share your password with anyone and do not use the same password for other websites or applications.
  • Masked, even from us!

    Your personally identifiable data is safe with us. Even our customer service agents cannot see your full credit card number, expiry or CVV details. When you enter your credit card information into the app, it’s masked so it can’t be misused.

  • We keep you informed

    Whenever you use your Careem App for a transaction, we will send a notification to your registered mobile number. Please be vigilant against attempts of false notifications redirecting you to non Careem links or applications. If you notice any suspicious alerts, report it here under Cyber Security service.

Stay secure always

Protecting your security at all times is paramount to us. While Careem has implemented strong security controls to adapt and evolve its security defense to stay ahead of threats, Security Awareness is one of the key measures to prevent incidents from happening. Your awareness and alertness will ensure your information remains protected and this will help in strengthening the human firewall across Careem and its valued users.

  • Tips to maintain good cyber security practices

    1. Never share any confidential information through suspicious emails, websites, social media networks, text messages or phone calls. Careem and its service agents will never ask for your personal data (password, PIN) or credit card information or OTP through any channels like phone call, SMS or email.
    2. Use a passphrase instead of a password and do not use the same password everywhere.
    3. Always use a trusted device and secure network to log in to your account.
    4. Ensure your mobile devices are up to date with security updates and the latest version of applications installed to ensure smooth and secure transactions.
    5. Ensure you are using a secure browser to avoid risks of credential leaks.
    6. Ensure you are securely entering your OTP, credit card or bank account details while transacting on the Careem App or while using any of Careem’s services.
    7. Think before you click on any suspicious email or download any unknown attachment from an email or pop-up.
    8. Periodically check your Careem transactions online or on your Careem account.
    9. If you notice any suspicious activity asking for your confidential data (through SMS, call, email), immediately report it here under Cyber Security service.

    The consequence of any unauthorized access to your account information and misuse of sensitive data can be serious. Depending on the type of data involved, it can further lead to online fraud, card data theft and financial loss. Explore our Cybersecurity blog for more information to #BeCyberSmart.

Safeguarding information is a shared responsibility

Beware of Internet scams and phishing. Phishing is a very common cybercrime that needs no technical skills. Scammers posing as legitimate and reputable entities use fraudulent methods to trick you into revealing sensitive information such as passwords, personal information, credit card details and other financial information.

  • Watch out for these phishing red flags and know what to do to protect yourself

    • Suspicious emails, unknown links, urgent requests or money offers that are too good to be true.
    • SMS, instant messages, pop-ups on browsers asking for personal information.
    • Attachments in emails from non legitimate sources or unknown senders.

    Careem and its service agents will never ask for your personal data (passwords or PIN), credit card information or OTP numbers via phone call, SMS or email.

    1. You will only be required to share authentication information, such as OTP numbers for the requests you place, through the Careem app.
    2. Make sure your mobile devices are up to date with security updates and you are using the latest version of the Careem app.
    3. If you notice any suspicious activity while using the Careem app or you think you are a victim of fraud, immediately report it here under Cyber Security service.

    We use industry-best security tools and protocols to automatically protect your privacy and information. To know more about how we do this and additional safety measures you may take, follow our Cybersecurity blog.

Suspect Fraud? Report it immediately!

While we endeavor to provide our customers with the best service and benefits, it’s also important to us that they are safe from any kind of security risk and fraud. If you notice that you have been a victim of a phishing attack or fraud and you are concerned about your Careem account, we urge you to immediately report such incidents to our Customer Care team via the Help tab on the app or here under Cyber Security service.

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